We are thrilled to have 6 panel topics filled with exceptional individuals to share their insights on these important homeschool subjects. Read through the descriptions and join us to learn and explore together. If you have a question for any of these topics please click on the link below to submit your question to be answered at the conference!

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Homeschooling large families – Check out questions for this panel
Do you have a large family, hope to have a large family, or come from a large family or maybe the family you have feels large! 😉 Do you wonder how homeschoolers in your community do it? Come hear from our large family panelist to hear about how these families make homeschooling work with more than one!

Panelist Bio’s

  • Wendy Barron (Mother of 12)
  • Beth Adams ( Mother of 8)
  • Charity Betts (Mother of 8)

**Were you raised in a large family of homeschoolers or currently homeschool a large family and want to inspire others on how things have worked for you? Email us to learn more about joining this panel!**

Homeschool Styles
It can be difficult to choose the right homeschool style for your family. This is an amazing opportunity to hear details about different styles of homeschooling from parents in the trenches.

Panelist Bio’s

  • Katie Jensen – Charlotte Mason
  • Paula Randall- Unschooling

**Do you love the style you currently use and it’s not on the list? Would you like to share and help others learn about it too? Email us to learn more about joining this panel!**

Enrichment Program Participants
Are you curious about the local enrichment programs for homeschoolers? Come ask these parents questions to learn more and see if this may fit your family too!

Panelist Bio’s coming soon!

  • Zuyin Govea- TCA

**Don’t see your favorite local Enrichment program on here and want to share? Email us to learn more about joining this panel! Local Colorado programs only.**

Unique Homeschoolers

Panelist Bio’s

  • Laurie Snyder (Single parent military)
  • Laurel Flahive
  • Jessica Boyer
  • Lynette Dickson

More details on our Panels and Panelists coming soon!


Ask a Teen Homeschooler!

Details on this panel coming soon.