Unique Circumstances

Jessica Boyer

I am a born and raised Army brat who decided that our travels weren’t over when my husband retired from the military. We decided to pack up the kids, sell most of what we own, and hit the road. We’ve been traveling, learning, and exploring for two years now. Homeschooling has been more than a choice for us, it has been our way of life. We have finally returned to Colorado Springs and plan to make this beautiful place our home. I’m a passionate advocate for special needs children and education. I enjoy adventures with my kids, laying in the sunshine, and being super thrifty. Most of all, I am blessed that God has led us on this great adventure and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.


Lynette Dickson

I am a second generation homeschooling mom of 4 children. I have a 13 year old daughter, 10 year old daughter, 4 year old son, and a 2 year old daughter. I have been homeschooling for 6 years.

I personally homeschooled in high school and went onto college and completed a bachelor of science degree.

I always wanted to homeschool my kids to offer a great childhood and education. I also wanted a close knit family and more time with my kids.

Laurie Snyder

I am a single mother of two boys, and I work full time shift work in the Air Force. Homeschooling solved a lot of issues for us.



Britni Nash
I’m a homeschool/roadschool mama to 6 kiddos, ages 2-11, one with special needs. We choose to live in 300 sq ft and travel the country as we learn about our world. It’s so much fun to be in the places we are learning about, rather than just reading about them in a book!

I am passionate about foster care and adoption, and homeschooling has given us the flexibility to be a part of that community!

We don’t follow one teaching method, we fall into the unschooling/CM/child-led/character first melting pot! We spend our days growing relationships, looking for opportunities to serve others, and finding creative ways to learn about the world God gave us.

I believe in big dreams and big prayers, and encouraging others to go after theirs!


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