Questions for Homeschooling Large families:

  • How do you take care of the young children while you are doing schooling with the older children?
  • How do you balance more than one grade level at a time in an effective way?
  • Are there certain homeschooling styles that work better for large families than others?
  • Can you share some failures you’ve had that helped you learn what not to do in a large homeschooling family? What are some successes you’d recommend?
    -Do you pick a different curriculum for each child, or does everyone do the same thing?
    What about preschoolers when you are homeschooling older children?
    -Does everyone get to do something extra curricular, like a sport at the same time, or do you take turns?
    -How do you keep your house in order/clean with some many home all day?
    -Does everyone help with the cooking?
    -How do you manage time for yourself?

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