Melyssa Dominguez

As the sole teacher and administrator at the Dominguez Family Academy for Boy and Girl, Melyssa homeschooled her son and daughter for ten years before they each entered an unconventional public high school at 9th and 11th grades. During their homeschooling journey, Melyssa used countless innovative and interesting curriculums, took the kids on adventures both close to home and far away, and helped to found a homeschool cooperative that served families in the Colorado Springs area and provided lifelong friendship, support and connection for she and her kiddos. Over their homeschooling years, Melyssa earned a paycheck as a tutor, homeschooling consultant, and online school teacher and administrator. During her time as a homeschooler and at the virtual school, Melyssa had the distinct pleasure of walking alongside hundreds of moms and dads as they moved through the challenges and rewards of schooling their own. These days, her paycheck comes from that same unconventional school that her children graduated from a few years ago, where she serves as Assistant Principal.