Homeschooling large families

Wendy Barron

Wendy Barron is a homeschooling mom of 12 kids (and proud Granny to 1). Wendy started homeschooling her children in 2005 after taking her three oldest children out of public school. She began homeschooling for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to a couple of her children not having their needs met in the local elementary school. Wendy had been interested in home education for some time prior to starting, and only needed the impetus to finally begin. Wendy shares, “Over the years we have gone from a ‘public school at home’ approach to more of a ‘child-led learning/unschooling’ method. It has been a great journey of discovering what works best for our family, and each individual child.” Wendy believes that children learn best when allowed to direct their own education, and explore their interests. She considers herself more of a guide to her children’s academic adventures than as their teacher. Wendy has 3 grown children and 9 children still at home (from 5 to 16 years old).


Charity Betts

As an Army brat living around the world I was homeschooled occasionally, before the Internet and before colleges knew if they could even admit you without an official transcript. After homeschooling our kids until they started high school, a health crash required us to put all the kids back into traditional school 3 years ago. We taught as a private school of 1 in CA, did online school in CO, and have homeschooled through the school districts. We’re pro-religion, pro-parental rights, pro-America, pro-pajamas every day!