Homeschool Styles

Katie Jensen –¬†Charlotte Mason

I am a military wife of 12 years, after growing up in the military. It’s all I’ve known. In the last 12 years we’ve lived in Northern Colorado, Germany, Arkansas, California and now we’re back in Colorado for a little while. I love spending my days learning with my kids, gardening, sewing, traveling, and serving in our community, particularly refugees. I love Colorado with my whole heart and never tire of the beauty, the crazy seasons or the amazing people.




Paula Randall – Unschool

I have been unschool homeschooling my son Alexander since 2012. During that time, we have gone through many adjustments to our methods. Learning should be a joy, both for the child and the parent. Our practice is to make it interesting, interactive, engaging and fun! We try to take our learning outside as much as possible. I founded the Colorado Springs Homeschool Sports League and am the owner of the Colorado Springs Homeschool Families meetup group. I look forward to sharing our story with the Colorado Springs Homeschooling community.