About us

 Inspired Home Educators work diligently to welcome all who choose to educate their own children. We provide resources and information to families supporting all methods of home education and throughout all chapters of life.

Leah Grammer is mom to 6 crazy kids… 5 boys and a girl that brings up the tail end. Her kids range in age from 13-2. She has been homeschooling for 7 years with a couple years of her kids going to school. Currently she is homeschooling 2 boys, 2 of the boys are in public school, and 2 toddlers are running wild. She is a wife to a wonderful man, and they have lived all over the United States, and have now settled in Colorado Springs. She is currently working on getting her Bachelor’s degree.


Leilani Johnson has a passion for faith, family, and education. After graduating from college and an 18 month church mission to South Africa, she returned to the US to begin teaching SPED. She left public school to become a stay at home mom. The idea to home school came when her oldest turned 5. The thought of sending her to public school just didn’t “feel right.” While she didn’t know a lot about home schooling, they sort of just “fell” into it. It was a rocky start that mirrored “public school” at home and was a decision that many family and friends questioned at the time. She tried and failed at different methods before landing on the one that works best for them. Home schooling for their family is always evolving. It’s the flexibility and freedom they love most. The Johnson’s have 5 amazing children. They focus on self awareness, personal progress, and have a goal of fostering a LOVE for learning year round. It’s a journey she looks back on with no regrets and looks forward to with more confidence than ever.



Shelley Harmer is the Mama to 4 wonderfully, hilarious tiny humans. Ranging from 11-1, they are three fun-loving little girls and their lone sweet boy!  She is the military wife to her amazingly, patient high school sweetheart. They have lived all over the U.S. and will soon call Virginia home for the next chapter of their story! She has been homeschooling for 3 years and loves learning right alongside her children!


Theresa Klinitski began the journey of homeschooling in 2000 when the oldest of her four amazing children was in second grade.  Theresa’s passion for learning and teaching her own has led her through many different approaches and styles as she adapted to the unique learning styles and interests of each of her children.  From developing unit studies and adapting various curricula to writing high school transcripts and supporting pursuits of early college entry, Theresa has developed knowledge and experience with homeschooling children from pre-k through post-secondary.  Throughout the past 16 of years, Theresa has been a sought after, unofficial consultant to those around her and has conducted hands-on workshops and co-op classes geared towards common homeschooling needs within the community.  In 2011, Theresa was hired for a new position of “Homeschool Liaison” in District 49 in which she has become a source of encouragement, support and knowledge to the hundreds that seek her services.

Denise is the mother of 3 young children and homeschooling for 3 years. She left her career in Real Estate when her first turned 10 months old. Homeschooling was a joint decision with her and her husband when their oldest turned 3. She loves the time she gets to spend with her kids, being a part of those special moments when they awaken to something new and watching their development and growth as they learn. The greatest lesson she has learned so far in Homeschooling is the importance of building a strong foundation, piece by piece and line by line and not ‘rushing’ through information.