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D49 College & Career Fair

• Learn about Careers and Jobs that match your interests
• Practice Job interview skills
• Connect with business offering employment
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Thursday, September 14th
Friday, September 15thTime:
9:30am – 1:00pmLocation:
Cheyenne Mountain Resort
3225 Broadmoor Valley Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906Please fill out the survey to let me know you are planning to attend: me know if you have any questions about this event:
Theresa Klinitski

Conference Schedule – May 6, 2017

Main Hall

9:30 – Welcome

9:40 – Shane Siwik –Key Note
The Ripple Effect: How Our Actions
Change More Than Just Our Own Lives

10:20 –Jeanne Towns
Second Generation Homeschooler

10:35 – Panel  #1
Homeschool Styles

11:20 – Panel  #2
Large Family Homeschooling   

11:45 – Panel  #3
Homeschool Styles

12:30 – Theresa Klinitski
Lunch & Learn {lunch not provided}

1:40 – Britni Nash
Habits Of A Happy Homeschooler

2:20 – Panel  #4
“A Day In The Life”

3:10 – Rick & Lisa Weaver
Why Does My Bright Student
Struggle With Reading And Spelling?

4:10 – Panel  #5
Ask A Teen

4:40 – Barbara West
10 Tips for Successful Homeschooling

Small Room
(Note overlapping times)

10:35 –Emily Dyke –Vendor-Math Inspirations
Becoming A Powerful Math Mentor- Empowering Your Students To Think Reason And Problem Solve For Themselves

11:20 –Dana Beasley
10 Ways To Encourage Your Teen To Become An Entrepreneur

11:45 –Jamie Moon
Brain Based Special Needs

1:40 –Teresa Foltin –VendorRight Start
I Hate Math But I Want My Kids To Love It.  

2:20 – Shane Siwik
Involving your teen in the community: politics, charity, and service learning.

3:10 –Amy Graham
From Speaking To Reading: How Speech Development Can Impact Reading

4:10 –Rick & Lisa Weaver
Why Is My Bright Student
Struggling With Reading And Spelling?